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Every child deserves a caring environment that supports and nurtures their individual needs. As part of our child centered and play-based approach, each child joyfully develops at their own pace.

​We are a play-based child care program with a focus on art and music. We are inspired by the RIE method, emphasizing a gentle and positive approach to teaching. Our program emphasizes social-emotional growth, and fosters confidence through a balanced and predictable routine. Children learn and develop together through cooperative play, art and music activities, hands-on experiences, and open-ended exploration. We have a beautiful, sunny outdoor space with climbing structures, slide, a large sandbox, and ample room to run and play with scooters. We also provide organic, healthy lunches and snacks.

Although we have a rhythm of the day, we believe that young children learn best when their play is self directed and uninterrupted. We provide flexibility throughout the day to encourage children to lead when they play and choose from the enrichment activities that are available.



We have a general rhythm of the day but we remain flexible, considering weather, interest level of the group and needs of the children. You are welcome to drop off and pick up your child anytime between the open hours of 8:30-5

  • 8:30-9:30 indoor: all areas open including blocks, dramatic play, reading area and daily rotating activities at the sensory/art table 

  • 9:30: snack provided by LOPS

  • 10-11:30 outdoor/indoor flexibility: all areas open including sandbox, climbing structures, easel painting, chalk, sensory table(weather permitting) 

  • 11:00 circle time practice: an invitation to join on the rug, or on the grass if we are outside, to read books and sing songs together

  • 11:45 family style lunch provided by LOPS

  • 12:15 - 2:15 nap (flexible as some kids sleep earlier, more or less)

  • 2:45-3:15 snack provided by LOPS

  • ​3:30-5: indoor/outdoor activities 


In addition to the open ended play consistently available on a daily basis we offer rotating daily activities like drawing, painting, finger painting, playdoh, water table, sensory table (can be filled with things like shaving cream, rice, oobleck, etc) and tending to plants in the garden.

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