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"Shirin Kelley, a gifted Pacific Primary teacher, worked at the school from 2010-2016. I know her to be a very patient and warm teacher with confident abilities to individualize for each child. Her supportive, peaceful and clear manner helps children feel comfortable, safe and loved. Shirin's knowledge of early childhood education as well as her deep experience allow her to handle any problem or situation with ease. Shirin recently returned to Pacific Primary as a parent and it was clear that her teaching experience and calm manner helped her to become an exemplary parent. I highly recommend Shirin and her daycare as I know it to be a wonderful, loving and supportive place for young children."


“Shirin possesses intelligence, intuition, a gentle nature and generous spirit. This combination makes Shirin an ideal educator/care-giver of young children. The importance of strong, attached, relationships, guided by mutual respect and appreciation, cannot be overestimated. Shirin connects with each child as an individual and expertly works to meet their individual needs while creating a strong sense of community and an atmosphere of fun. I feel so fortunate to have had Shirin on my team at the Children's Village. I know the families that are a part of Little Oak Play School will count themselves lucky and share my high opinion of Shirin.“


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